About Us


Who We Are?

Next Page a coworking space created because we realized, right at the beginning, that there were thousands of people like us who wanted to work and live differently. We understood that the best ideas and the best work often comes from our connections with other people.

We understood that if you’re going to spend eight or twelve hours a day somewhere, doing something, it ought to be in a setting that works for you, not against you. Next Page CoWorking Space in Baner Pune is well connected & suitable for millennials who are looking for shared office space or coworking space on rent in Baner Pune. That’s what Next Page is all about.
We believed there was a need for a place where people could go and do their best work. We were right. And we still are.


What We Do for You?

Entrepreneurs who are trying to work out of their home struggle with isolation. Coworking allows them to have a built-in support system and that’s we do.